The Treasures: Alpha

The Treaures (Andrew Zwart and Karl Voskuil) play music. Oh, we are such treasures. This year we are trying to finish a first album. The album may or may not have some of the following songs on it: Swimming, Shallow, Light of the World, Show and Tell, Beside You, Failed, Up in a Little While, Melody, and Prodigal Song.

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Beale: Raincatcher EP

Beale is a band centered around the songwriting and voice of Melanie Holwerda-Hommes. The members are currently living in Denver (Melanie Holwerda-Hommes), Philadelphia (Bruce James), and Boston (Karl Voskuil).

“Raincatcher EP” was finished in 2002, and has six songs: Sweet Melody, Sidewalk Red, City, Longest Year, Coward, and Jordan.

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