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Friday, May 15

Arrived today!

Update on Tucker (Chris): She had applied for a job in Chicago, and recently had a phone interview. They now want her to fly out for an interview within the next couple of weeks, so she's doing that -- and putting the rest of the hike on hold for now.

A couple of pictures from the past few days:

Karl near Lynchfield Dam (5/13)

More trail magic (creek magic) on the beautiful Tye River near Tyro, VA (5/14)

Note from Karl: Later I found out that two former thru-hikers, one of whom is my good friend Adam, had come down to the Tye River on the slim chance that I might be there. "Kully is at the Tye River -- I can feel it," Eggman insisted to Shuteye, though it was out of the way of their road trip. They detoured but failed to find me there, and so left sodas in the creek for whoever might encounter them. I showed up about an hour later and spent the afternoon there.

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