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Saturday, May 2

Arrived today after "sprint-hiking" on Thursday (24 miles) and Friday (22 miles) and then getting up at 5:00 AM this morning -- all for the sake of reaching the post office before closing time at noon. That's the problem with planning to arrive on a Saturday: If you miss the noon PO closing, you're stuck until Monday morning.

On the phone Karl gave us an interesting definition of what it means to "know someone" you meet on the trail. If you spend a night together in a shelter, and you hike the next day (not necessarily together), and you spend another night together at the next shelter -- then you know each other.

Chris's aunt and uncle e-mailed us this cute sketch that they received on a post card from Chris -- a self-portrait:

Some pictures from the past few days:

Cucumber and Piper (4/28)

Karl discovers a new talent (4/28)

Tucker and Cucumber in camp near Bland, VA (4/28)

Tree: "Take me to your leader." (4/30)

Fellow traveler (tends to lag behind) (5/1)

Nomad and Impala, Owl, Simply Seeking, and Longway at the post office in Pearisburg (5/2)

Overlooking Pearisburg (5/3)

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