Saturday, September 5, 12:30 PM

End of the trail! Six months, to the day, after starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia.

The name Katahdin means "great mountain." Appropriately, it is the greatest vertical climb of the entire Appalachian Trail, and probably the most beautiful as well.

On Sunday, hitchhiking home to Milford for a few weeks. Parents have a list of chores waiting.

Simply fords the Big Wilson River (8/29)

Thorin and Karl enjoy freshly boiled freshwater mussels (9/2)

Karl, Twice, and Simply gaze apprehensively at Katahdin from Abol Bridge at the end of the Hundred Mile Wilderness: "Say, that's a big mountain" (9/4)

Katahdin, clouds, and canoes seen from Dacey Pond on the morning of the climb (9/5)

The summit of Katahdin: Karl with other thru-hikers Simply Seeking, Lemon Drop, Twice, and Sonny Daze (9/5)

This is Karl writing. Thanks again to all reading this, and I hope to see you soon. Bye for now.

2,160 miles, six months, a bunch of rocks and trees, and the end (9/5)

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