Front Royal


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Friday, May 22

Arrived today!

A few pictures from the past few days:

Rusty's Hard Time Hollow, outside (5/16)

The same, inside, with pictures papering every surface (5/16)

Rusty himself, along with Moon Daddy and Byrd (5/16)

Smiley, Samson, and Delilah entering the Shenandoah National Park (5/16)

More pictures (added July 8):

Foliage corridor in Shenandoah--minus the scent of lilacs (5/17)

Ghandi, DB, Smiley, Veto, and Moondaddy bearing up under adverse conditions (5/19)

Ghandi and some girl; she didn't say her name (5/19)

Veto, DB, and The View (5/20)

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