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Monday, March 9

Arrived yesterday, a day ahead of schedule, completely waterlogged after four days of rain. Stayed in a cabin overnight and dried out.

Chris and Mike drying out (3/9)

Now the temperature has dropped to 20 degrees--chilly, but a welcome change from the rain.

Camping outside of town tonight and resuming the hike tomorrow. Revised estimated arrival dates for the next half-dozen stops, to set a slower pace at first and catch up along the way.

Sad to have one of the four who started out together last week leave the hike. Hoping he'll reconsider and rejoin later on.

Also hoping that the camera still works after a little accident.

Wednesday, March 11

Thermometer hit 4 degrees today!

Sunny, cold morning on Blue Mountain (3/11)

Sunrise at the Blue Mountain shelter (3/12)

More pictures taken over the next few days:

Doe near Tray Mountain (3/13)

Tenting near Dick's Creek Gap (3/14)

Plumorchard Shelter, the last one in Georgia (3/14)

Crossing the line from Georgia into North Carolina (3/14)

Mountain mist 1 (3/15)

Mountain mist 2 (3/15)



Tuesday, March 17

Stopped in Franklin NC, roughly halfway between the Blairsville and Fontana Dam stops, for food and supplies. Wined and dined (and showered and laundered) at the home of Charlotte and David, Andy's aunt and uncle.

David got some great pictures of the hikers and e-mailed them to us to share here:



Joel, with friend Spike


All of the above (except Spike)

Back to the trail: Wednesday the 18th, 2:15 PM,
Winding Stair Gap, Route 64, Nantahala National Forest

Teddy, getting a free ride

We get regular e-mail from Chris's parents, John and Sue, reporting what they've heard. Recent highlights:

  • Progress of about 10 miles a day, slower than first expected, with plans to pick up the pace gradually
  • Some improved weather, allowing views of actual scenery -- such as sheer precipices, and clouds rolling in to valleys below
  • Friendly mice sharing one's food during the night
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