Bear Mountain

New York

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Thursday, June 25

Arrived today, several days behind schedule because of:

  • Hideous heat and humidity for more than a week
  • An unscheduled stop in Vernon, NJ
  • Intestinal troubles, probably caused by unpurified water and aggravated by heat exhaustion

The stop in Vernon was partly for relief from the weather and partly slacking off a bit. Stayed in a firemen's pavilion, provided free to hikers, and was able to shower at the fire station. Also got invited to a high school graduation party in Unionville, NY -- and ended up partying until 2:00 AM, sleeping there overnight, eating breakfast home-cooked by the dad in the morning, and then getting driven back to the trail head.

Staying at an old-fashioned inn here in Bear Mountain, planning to leave in the morning if the intestines allow....

Some pictures from the past few days:

Samson and Delilah (look closely) near Catfish Firetower (6/16)

That you, Smoky? (6/17)

Ghandi, Hummer, and NumbNuts at firemen's pavillion in Vernon, NJ (6/21)

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